Thursday, 14 May 2015

On The Kindness of Bloggers

It is often remarked that the area of the blogosphere dedicated to our hobby is populated by a fine bunch of generous people.

The other week I posted that I was feeling out of sorts and mojo-less given that I rarely get a game in.  I was flooded with commiserations and useful suggestions.  Jonathan Freitag was of the opinion (and not to be dissuaded) that what I needed was some shiny goodness.  Accordingly, this lot appeared yesterday

Cowled Cultists 1

Evil Hooded Minions 1

Now, you can't ask for anything more pulpy than that can you?

The miniatures are of course from Bob Murch's Pulp Figures stable.  Despite how some might have read my recent post on cultists, I do like this sort of thing, and they will form a very useful group (or two) alongside the Artezan cultists I was lucky enough to get from The Kiwi as my Secret Santa last year.

The 'Tooth and Claw' rules are of course to help with my Lost World/Egg Hunt set-up.  I haven't yet had a good look at them (small print on a grey background conspired against bedtime reading), but will probably stick with Pulp Alley for the main part (I like the simplicity and how quickly things flow).  What I'm really looking for from T&C are ideas on how create the beasts and what mechanisms to use for their actions.  So far it looks as if will prove very useful.


  1. Tooth & Claw sounds intersting...look forward to your thoughts!

  2. All this dinosaur hunting is becoming quite contagious! I shall keep an eye out for things at Partizan (though I've been threatened with being under female escort, to ensure I don't buy anything daft).

    1. I'm in Darlington next week and Wilko's is always a shop we visit. I wouldn't be surprised if I don't get something if there's anything Ice Age-y that'll look good with my snow-based Japanese vsf.

    2. where I get mine from, also they do a nice range of only slightly over sized elephants.

  3. Edwin, the background to the Northstar package is even better. While I ordered the book and minions pack, Nick threw in an extra pack to help give your hobby funk a kick in the ribs.


  4. What a top chap!

    I have a whole bunch of Dino Hunting resources at my VSF blog which may interest you:

    But first you must join the International League of Esteemed Leviathan Hunters!

  5. Very generous and kind of Jonathan to send you such shiny goodness :)

  6. Jonathan is a capital fellow to be sure

  7. Yaaaay! More cultist goons. Soon they will dominate! Mwha ha ha haaa!

  8. What a kind thought! Hope your mojo turns up soon!


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