Friday, 15 May 2015

A Spot of Shopping

I went and did a little shopping this afternoon.

Local Friendly Toy/Hobby Shop


Charity Shop


  1. Your charity shop knocks spots of ours, that is for sure - ours specialises in old handbags that don't smell too good, or secondhand Dan Brown paperbacks (which don't smell too good to me, either). Speaking of spots, the D4 are handsome - I have a bit of a poor history with D4s - they don't roll nicely for me, and I am never satisfied that a particular score is valid as a result (especially an adverse result) - best D4s I ever had were custom made ones which were 8-sided, and had each number twice (obviously - sorry about that). I am sad to say I lost them in a house move (along with a wife and some other stuff), and never found any more - I keep an eye open.

    Anyway - these purple dice look nice, the rounded edges should help with the rolling thing - what are the objects with them that look like figs? - they aren't hatching dinosaurs, are they?

    1. They are indeed hatching dinosaurs - 50p each though!

      My wife thought the dice looked like caltrops.

  2. Those hatching eggs look especially useful! and I didn't think to raid Wilkos for aquarium plants - Coming to a jungle near you, soon.

  3. Nice score at the charity shop. The nest I have managed is a Car Wars boxed set.

  4. Quite a productive expedition then!

  5. Our charity shops have been efficiently plundered, so nothig to match your haul!
    Try Amazon and eBay for aquarium plants. There's usually a decent selection.

  6. Wonderful! you found dinosaur eggs!

  7. Your charity shop looks as good as my local game store.

  8. Quite an eclectic grab bag.


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