Thursday, 24 March 2016

Fantasy Thursday #2

Admin first.  I've changed the name of this series of posts from 'Frostgrave Fursday' to 'Fantasy Thursday'  as I think it will cause less confusion.*

* Not that that's a given though - did anyone else see the title of the post on Wargames News and Terrain last week 'X Stocking Fantasy Figures' and momentarily think the figures were 'Stocking Fantasies'?

Earlier in the month I mentioned a couple of figures I'd bought in a sale, thinking that they were from the same manufacturer as the various other wizards I'd painted up for Frostgrave.  I was mistaken - the first figures were from Midlam Miniatures and the new ones from Otherworld Miniatures.   Well I've now painted them up.  In truth, I much prefer them to the Midlams - they have more character and are more dynamic.  Of course you makes your choice and pays your money: Midlam's figures are £2.00 each, whereas Otherworld's are £5.00.  I have to think long and hard before spending a fiver on a figure.


I'm quite taken with the dwarf and how he turned out.  He's made me think that I might dig out the fabulous Oathsworn dwarves and haflings from last year's Kickstarter.  Why shouldn't they get some of the Frostgrave booty?


  1. Nice work Edwin. I like the mage with the walking stick, though with a book that big, he surely wishes he had the Kindle edition. The dwarf chieftain in the shield is rather epic and reminds me of the chief from Asterix.

    1. The book must be far too precious to trust to his idiot of an apprentice...

  2. Very nice Edwin, I do like that Merlin character.

  3. With a book that size he must be one of those pesky Sigilists...

  4. Nice work Edwin. I've got a few Midlam minis, they're pretty small, but full of character.

  5. Nice. I have been hunting out a few wizards recently as well. I found something cool in Black Tree Designs for my Aran styled force. cheers


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