Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Terrain Tuesday #14

A couple of useful links to start with.

  • First, Solo Wargaming in the UK had a useful post sharing some pics of some Victorian buildings local to him.  This kind of post is always useful - in this case especially for those of you not in the UK who aren't use to our vernacular architecture.  
  • Secondly, Brian at RayGun Gothic had a post showing WIP on some fields he's making.  Following the links he provides leads to some very useful (but sadly dormant) sites with terrain tutorials.  I'm very tempted to follow this method to create some Lost World swamps - perhaps later in the year when I can use the Shed of Delights for mucky jobs.

In Other News

I bought a rock.


  1. A rock you say, I see a shrine to the the a fearsome blood demon, guardian of a neolithic tribe.

  2. You'd look for a long time on our beach to find a rock like that - what's the chances of that, then?

  3. I'm sure I've got a rock like that in my garden?

  4. Bought a rock you say,,, well let's see what's under it

  5. Hmm, Rock seems to have gathered a following (if not moss - haw haw!)

    I see I didn't indicate size. It's just the right shape and size to fit in the palm of my hand. As it's made of soft foam, I imagine it's really a stress-ball type device.

    1. Sounds unnatural to me - never seen a rock like that - I sense evil at work here. Also we don't know how big your hands are - this is all a bit unsettling, so late in the evening.

  6. I have big, manly hands.

    And no, I don't want to buy any more rocks from anyone just yet...

  7. Fancy a boulder guv'nor? Fell orf the back of a passin' glacier.


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