Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Dr Who Wednesday #10

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As evidenced over several Dr Who Wednesdays since November, the main (and unplanned) theme of my entries to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has been Dr Who - and great fun it's been too!  I'd like to thank those of you who've given me support both here and on the Challenge pages: it's been very gratifying to find others getting pleasure from my efforts.

It therefore seemed fitting that for my final submission to the Challenge I should present the Man Himself.*

*As someone said 'The Proper Doctor!'

Unlike my other recent efforts he's not from Black Tree Design, but from Crooked Dice.  They're pricier, but I think that when it comes to likenesses they are much better.  Indeed, while painting him I found myself wondering whether he looked more like Jon or Sean Pertwee!  They've certainly caught the dandy man-of-action in his dynamic pose.*

* In my APC submission I mentioned Venusian Ju-Jitsu.  I didn't mention my old English teacher who insisted that the proper adjective should be Venereal - he did admit though that writing stories about Cosmonauts coming back to Earth with Venereal disease might cause some confusion.  Our English lessons were fun!  As one of the other teachers said "If you lads could get O-Levels in bullshit and tall stories, you'd be alright." 

I had intended to have him in a black cape (as in the banner above), but The Wife* insisted on something a little more tweedy.  Needless to say, I didn't bother with the check!**

*Who is of the Third Doctor generation.
** It is in fact Khaki Grey with black wash.


  1. Great work on the Dr! The figure has much character and the sculpting looks terrific.

  2. He looking top notch squire, though he's no Peter Davidson. Best doctor ever.

    1. You're showing your age, young man!

    2. And, anyway, I couldn't manage the striped trousers!

  3. Instantly recognisable! I am just hoping Warlord don't mess up the figures like they did with Dad's Army. If they make The Sea Devils I am sunk (literally).

  4. What a triumph Sir, I've been looking to justify this purchase for a while, but have so far resisted. Now if they did a Tom Baker...


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