Friday, 25 March 2016

AHPC Group Photo

So, here's what I achieved during the painting challenge (395 points worth)

Frostgrave to the left, Dr Who to the right and back; others in the middle


  1. That's a rather splendid 395 points Edwin, a wonderful challenge Sir.

  2. Definitely a splendid selection of figures Edwin :)

  3. Thanks chaps, that's very generous of you.

  4. The Challenge will have helped you to put a dent in the lead pile, by the look of what you got painted up.

    I have to admire anyone who can stick with the pace of the event. Last year I burned out early, came back to finish off, and this year I stayed clear to let others have my place.

    You can enjoy the long weekend now and take a break from the painting.

  5. Nice job Edwin - lots to be proud of there!


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