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Gaming in Apr 2022

Looking at my Drafts folder, I realised that I hadn't posted this one.  Basically, that's because during a session of the Beast of Errinsford I was GM-ing I threw the board across the table.  After that, I decided that I should take a break from social media and gaming (which is why there won't be a post for Gaming in May - it remains to be seen if there will be one for June).

  • 3 Apr - Wasters (Normal level) - cyberpunk OSE - on-line
  • 5 Apr - The Beast of Errinsford - OSE - on-line
  • 6 Apr - Board Games - face-to-face
  • 8 Apr - Wasters (Elite level) - on-line
  • 10 Apr - Wasters (Normals) - on-line
  • 26 Apr - The Beast of Errinsford - on-line

Wasters (Norms' Version)

The play-test of this hack of OSE continues.  It'll be coming to Kickstarter soon!

  • 3 Apr

Due to Stuff Happens, most of our crew are weak and pathetic Level 1 characters, so we decided to stay close the Safe Zone and clear out a block (in effect, extending the Zone and claiming it for ourselves).  This started off alright - we had a couple of minor clashes with Gang Wanabees and a Haywire Bot.

Then we got to the only building of note in the block - a derilict department store.  We carefully scouted it, identified and neutralised the Cultists who were in it.  

Great!  Time to go home?  No, there's a void on the building plan - there must be a hidden room.  Sure enough, there was.  That had a number of bots inside, which attacked us - a tough fight, but managable.   But all the noise attracted a patrol of eight Cops.  This close to the Zafe Zone, that about as dangerous an encounter as we could attact.  Things were made worse by the fact that they came into range of our Sentry Gun Bot before we noticed them, which opened fire.  Gone was any chance of negotiation or bribery.  In the end, we ran, abandoning the Sentry Gun and, sadly, all the loot we'd found.
  • 10 Apr
Boosted by a new member of the crew (new player Ben brought along an Engineer call Sliderule), we returned to the block, to find things surprisingly quiet.  Remarkably, the sentry gun was still there and repairable.  Even more surprisingly, most of the loot we had dropped was still there as well (one pile was booby-trapped, which cost the life of a retainer).  

The hover-bots proved less hostile and those that could flew off.  We managed to salvage one of the ones that remained.  There then followed a lengthly excursion into cyberspace, to explore the building's network (much more remains to be done on that front).

The two other things of note were that our Face - Emanuel - continues to show worrying signs of becomming a cult-leader and, secondly, we recovered an Electric Cow (christened Bvtt3rcvp).

The Beast of Errinsford

The Old School Essentials game I'm GM-ing, loosely based on the module The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford by Chance Dudinack.  

  • 5 Apr

The exploration of the barrow mound continued.  Encounters were had, a secret passage found (bypassing a lot of stuff), and rather a lot of loot recovered.
  • 26 Apr
More fun in the lower level of the barrow.  Rats!

Board Games

The store library at The Games Table

Back to our Friendly Local Games Store and its library of over 400 games.  They've now introduced an off-peak reduction in table fees from £6.00 to £3.00.  With my discount as a Kickstarter backer, that means I now get a whole afternoon's of play for a ridiculous £1.50.  I may never leave.

Links below are to the games' pages on BoardGameGeek.
  • 6 Apr
We started off trying to play Ticket to Ride, only to find the instructions were missing.  We thought we could muddle through, but found it a little too stressful trying to remember some of the mechanisms (frankly, neither of us could be bothered with things being more complicated than they needed to be).  So,
  • Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra - one of our go-to games now.
  • Jaipur - a new game to us.  A trading/resource game.  Recommended if you want something that you can play in about 30mins almost anywhere (I can imagine playing it on a train, I've seen people playing it in the pub).
  • Patchwork - also a new game.  This one needs a bit more space (so not train-friendly!), but also fits in the 30min game catagory.
All three are simple, fun games (also suitable for younger players - Jaipur says 12+, the others 8+), and I'd recommend them.

Wasters (Elite Level)

  • 8 Apr
Our Elite crew took on a job to rescue a group of cultists who were lost deep, deep in the Wastes.  On the way, we delivered some valuable data to one of the Corporations, who deemed it a "great service" and offered us future favours.  We immediately took them up, re-couping our costs (I'm sure we could have got a lot more) and borrowing the services of a flyer and a squad of goons to get us to our desitination, thereby avoiding some really nasty blocks.

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