Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Retrofuturism - The World of Tomorrow, Yesterday!

While working as a Google-drudge for The Wife - she is moving on from Steampunk and now wants to explore Dieselpunk - I discovered a new genre 'Atompunk', and found a nice blog, the Dark Roasted Blend.  It could be about coffee, but it's not.  According to its strap-line, it's focused on 'weird and wonderful things', but what appeals to me is it's strong streak of retrofuturism.  From there, we get to Dreams of Space, 'non-fiction children's books about space flight from 1945-75'.

I'm off for a good browse...

A little while ago, I complained that the UK distributor of Hydra Miniatures had run out of their 28mm Robot Legion figures.

This week I was pleased when a parcel arrived (what over on the British Medals Forum is termed 'the Jiffy Bag Dance') and out popped 'Opito'.  Now I want to find someone who does the guys in the top photo!

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