Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Bit More Lead

I had a bit of a jiffy bag dance this week.  I received some more miniatures.

First from the Perrys' range, which I've been impressed with for quite a while.

I chose to go on with my interest in the Sudan campaigns, by getting some basic firing lines (including some Sikhs) and an Gardner Gun crewed by men of the naval brigade. (The photos I've lifted from the Perrys website - I hope they don't mind on the grounds that it might generate some traffic for them!).

Secondly, I picked up a couple of second-hand pieces, originally from Black Cat, which seemed a bit of fun.   I got them because they're books - and that's enough for me!  But the figure on the right reminds me of a Lady Librarian of our acquaintance; and how can you go wrong with a book monster?


  1. Best of luck with those, I'm a big fan of the Perry's work and in particular their Sudan range. Love the book monster too!

    1. Thanks Michael! The examples on your blog were one of the things that drew me to them in the first place, especially the gun. They won't be anything like as good as yours though!

      For anyone who wants to see how splendid they can look when tackled by someone with real talent, Michael's take on the Gardner is at

      As for the Book Monster, well, I'm a bit of one myself!


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