Thursday, 18 April 2013

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What I've been reading this week....

I finished Men Whose Fathers Were Men: The story of a hobby by Centurion (Col Reginald Branwhite Jay).  The hobby of the subtitle is medal collecting, and this 1925 book is a lovely period-piece.  It takes the form of one decent chap telling another about collecting in a series of after-dinner chats in his den, during which he expounds on the C19th history of the British Army (particularly in the Peninsular and the First Afghan War).  Very theatrical!

So I've now started Matthew Paris & Andrew Bryson, Parting Shots, which was one of the things I bought last week.  It a selection of extracts from ambassadors' valedictory despatches from abroad.


What I've bought this week...

Sam Willis, The Admiral Benbow: The life and times of a naval hero - £3.99
Richard Sale & Eugene Potapov, The Scramble for the Arctic: Ownership, exploration and conflict in the far north - £2.99

Peter F Hamilton, Manhattan in Reverse - £3.99


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