Friday, 24 May 2013

Help for Heroes

The Help For Heroes website temporarily crashed within hours of the Woolwich killing.

After yesterday's shocking events when Drummer Lee Rigby was identified as a solder after being spotted wearing a Help for Heroes tee-shirt near Woolwich Barracks, the Help for Heroes donations page has crashed due to the extra traffic. 

The Daily Telegraph has published a handy list of other ways to donate:-

  • Texting the word "HERO" to 70900 to give £5;
  • Logging on to a separate online giving site at
  • Posting cheques or postal orders, made payable to "Help for Heroes," to Help for Heroes, Donations, 14 Parkers Close, Downton, Salisbury, SP5 3RB;
  • Calling the donations team on 01725 514130. Out of hours you can leave a message and someone from the team will call you back;
  • Emailing and leaving your contact details. 
Co-incidently, I was going to post about a project fellow bloggers have just started raising money for charities including Help for Heroes.  I shall do that soon.

On a lighter note, also coming soon...  an entry about the very enjoyable day I've had today; RNLI gallantry medals; cheese-rolling; and the revival of the Dead Bishops page...

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