Friday, 28 February 2014

Books and Stuff - Feb 2014

A regular round-up of my book news.

What I've been reading...

Ted Allbeury, A Choice of Enemies
Giles Foden, Ladysmith
Constantine Pleshakov, The Tsar's Last Armada

What I've bought...

Nicholas Leach, Harwich Lifeboats: An Illustrated History - £1.99
Patrick Moore, Guide to the Moon - £1.00

Ted Allbeury, A Choice of Enemies - 50p
Patricia Highsmith, Ripley Under Ground - £1.99
Anne Tyler, Back When We Were Grown-Ups - 50p
Anne Tyler, If Morning Ever Comes - 50p
Anne Tyler, The Tin Can Tree - 50p

What I've been given...

Kathleen L Scott, Dated and Datable English Manuscript Borders c.1395-1499


  1. I need to add The Tsar's Last Armada to my reading list, just as soon as I get a couple finished up.

    1. I'm enjoying it.

      It's not an academic work, and has an annoying habit of telling you what people were feeling, but it's a good read.


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