Monday, 10 February 2014

Diceni - 4 May 2014

Last year I was a little gutted to hear that we had had wargames show here in Norwich - gutted because I found out the day after it took place!

As you can see, the weather is so good in Norfolk in April
that you needn't worry too much about wrapping up

Apparently, even without me there, the event was a sufficient success to ensure that Diceni II will go ahead.

It will be on 4 May 2014 (yes, 'May the Fourth...') in The Forum, Norwich.

There is a website at (as yet without any information) and a Facebook Page.

I know at least two followers who will be pleased that Boudica is the mascot of the show - Loki, because the few clothes she is wearing are liberally checked, and Tamsin becaus she's a striking redhead.


  1. A fiery Redhaired maiden in checks :D Thanks EDWIN :D

  2. Replies
    1. Apparently Alex Kingston wasn't available on the day. Just be grateful it wasn't Stephen Fry.

  3. Well, if that Boudicca is there perhaps you could get me her number :)

  4. Certainly caught my attention!!!


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