Monday, 23 June 2014

Bienvenue Mayotte!

One interesting thing about blogging is number crunching.  Now, I know many people have problems with Blogger Stats and how it calculates hits (though we mostly all celebrate the Big Round Numbers when they come up).

An alternative to Blogger Stats is Flag Counter which manages to avoid counting the 'bots and what-have-you.

The last month according to Blogger...

...and to Flag Counter
It also breaks down into new visits and returnees, but the USP of Flag Counter is that it breaks visitors down by country and gives you a lovely flag graphic.

So why am I waffling on about this?

Well since I installed the flag gadget in Mar 2012, I've had visits from 127 countries.  This is a surprising number, but it also means that a new country doesn't come along very often these days and when they do they tend to be obscure or small (hello Vatican City!).  Well today I had two!   First up was Kazakhstan - OK, fair enough, I don't imagine Kazaks have been falling over themselves to find my blog.  The second was Mayotte.

Hang on!  Mayotte?  Where the hell is Mayotte?  Apparently, it's an overseas department of France, an archipelago between Madagascar and Mozambique.   It's educational this blogging lark...

So Bienvenue Mayotte!

But if you lived here would you waste your time reading my blog?

All I can think is that one of my regulars is on honeymoon and has nothing better to do.  Congratulations!


  1. I thought is was me who actually looked at the flags on flag counter

  2. A loyal follower vacationing on Mayotte! That is my guess too. Never heard of Flag Counter before. I may look into it. I occasionally pull up Google Analytics. GA seems to have many of the same features as FC.

  3. I love looking at the states on my blog, its just nice to know their are people out there who enjoy reading your blog, especially when you've never heard of the place they're from!

  4. You're an international internet star now!


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