Saturday, 21 June 2014

Paint Table Saturday and New Things

It's a while since I participated in Paint Table Saturday (the brainchild of Sofie at Sofie's Paint Blog) because I haven't done much hobbywise for a while.  But with new meds and the approaching solstice playing merry havoc with my sleep patterns, I've dug out some long neglected projects.

So we have Zulus in the dining room...

...and terrain in the shed.

As promised yesterday, my other order of New Things arrived this morning.  It was a small order from Black Hat Miniatures (not to be confused with Black Cat Bases of accursed memory).  It was my first time buying from them and I was pleased with the experience.

There was good communication throughout (three e-mails, including one apologising for the delay).  The packaging might not have had the "Buy Me!" point-of-sale impact of yesterday's order, but it was more than adequate.
It got past the dog
More importantly, the casts are very nice and have been cleaned of flash and other gunk (Black Hat cast to order).

The figures themselves are a nice Foreign Legion command group and a 'special' from their extensive Chinese range (do go and have a look), which I'm not going to show until it's had Loki's magic touch.


  1. Excellent! You can't beat a table full of Zulus!

  2. Only just got past the dog then; very lovely though.

  3. Zulus in the dining room sounds like it might be a rough time for the larder, crockery and household finances - hopefully they are better behaved than the Cerebus who guards your door.
    Those FFL castings look lovely, I am sure they'll be great fun to paint.


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