Monday, 2 June 2014

A Pleasant Quandry

After a rather grim week, the weekend was much better.  It might have been the dramatic improvement in the weather, but whatever it was that pulling me down and leaving me physically exhausted has passed on.

I got quite a few things done around the house and in the garden.  Over at Diplomatist Books I even managed to get the Exploration list on-line - a month behind schedule, but hey, it means I get to shift the box of Hakluyt Society volumes off my painting table!

Insert gratuitous plug here...
Yesterday's highlight was the news that I am one of the winners in the competition over at Loki's Great Hall. I'm sure that anyone reading this already interested in miniatures and wargaming knows that Loki is a very talented painter.  He and Kevin Howroyd have recently set up a painting service, Brigantes Studio, with a website which is showcasing their excellent work.

My prize?  This generous offer:
I will paint 10 x 25mm/28mm, 10 x 20mm or 20 x 15mm historical miniatures of your choice sent to me to my highest standard. (or a negotiated equivalent) 
So chaps, what shall I have?

This has prompted much discussion between The Wife and I.  Let's ignore "negotiated equivalents" (how many 25mm figures make one Giant Squid anyway?  And would Loki consider it "historical" anyway?).

You know, I'm quite sure Loki would paint this giant squid if asked...
OK, zombie dinosaurs are out, we'll go for ten 28mm figures.  My first thought was that should take advantage of Loki's skills and get something fiddly beyond my abilities (Samurai, tattooed Maori, people clad heat-to-foot in tartan, etc).

However, The Wife, who is a sensible soul and not prone to my shinyitis, is impatient for me to stop pootling around painting odd figures and making scenery at a glacial pace.  She wants to get on and play some damn games!  So something pulpy it will be.  She'd dreamt of the perfect miniatures last night, but can't remember them...

As I went out this morning I left her looking through the lead stash and familiarising herself with Artizan and Copplestone's stock lines.


  1. Congratulations, Edwin! Great prize, for sure!

  2. I will paint non historical too Edwin - last year Fran sent me a Judge Dredd ensemble :D many congratulations by the way

    1. Don't muddy the waters - it's hard enough to decide as it is!

      Many, many thanks!

  3. Many congratulations and what a wonderful post. "As I went out this morning I left her looking through the lead stash and familiarising herself with Artizan and Copplestone's stock lines" would terrify the life out of me!

    1. Surely the Saintly Mrs A (c) knows all about your habit?

      Or is the Jack the Ripper collection kept under lock and key?

  4. That is a rare treat,enjoy! Now about that tattoo....

  5. Congratulations! Listen to your wife its always better that way.


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