Tuesday, 3 June 2014

More Competitions and BfC News

Flush from celebrating my prize from Loki, I'm pleased to point to a couple more competitions (and yes, I'm having a punt!).  There will be winners.
  • Matt over at Ubique is going to provide a model of a 13th century style mounted medieval knight miniature to the winner.  In an interesting twist he's going to paint it in the livery and with the heraldry of their choice.  Details here.

I also need to correct an oversight.  Last week I forgot to mention that Bloggers for Charity is reaching the climax of this year's fundraising.  The figures, donated by AW Miniatures and painted by well-wishers around the globe (some of these miniatures are well-travelled!) are now up for auction.  Details of how to bid are here and of the miniatures (and related artwork) here.

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