Sunday, 17 August 2014

This Week's Obits of Interest

A tough week this one, with "the world's funniest man" and a Grand Old Dame (or Grand Old Broad?) of cinema dying...

Lauren Bacall (d 12 Aug 204
Daily Telegraph obit 13 Aug 2014
Guardian obit 13 Aug 2014
Independent obit 13 Aug 2014

Maj-Gen Peter Istead
Soldier awarded the George Medal 
Daily Telegraph obit 13 Aug 2014

Ian McMillan (d.19 Jul 2014)
Marine Engineer
Guardian obit 14 Aug 2014

Robin Williams (d 11 Aug 2014)
Actor and Comedian
Daily Telegraph obit 12 Aug 2014
Guardian obit 12 Aug 2014
Independent obit 12 Aug 2014
Scotsman obit Aug 12 2014


  1. I love the Waverley! I was out sailing in the Solent a couple of years ago and it came past us like a bat out of hell! It moves fast!

    And as for Lauren Bacall...sigh.

    1. Yes, went on a jazz cruise in Cardigan Bay once...

  2. Yes the loss of Lauren Bacall who stormed the cinema at the age of 19 is a serious blow so is the loss of Robin Williams who could possibly follow the likes of them?


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