Friday, 29 August 2014

A Tale of Two Orders; Playing at a Distance; Selling Stuff

I'm sorry to to have posted this week - I seem to have been too busy or too tired.

At some stage after midnight on Monday I placed two on-line orders, one with Amazon and the other with Wargames Foundry.  Yesterday there were developments with both orders: first I got an e-mail from Amazon telling me that they were just debiting my card; secondly, my order from Wargames Foundry arrived.  I've not ordered from WF before and I am very impressed with the speed (and lack of fuss!) at which this was done and sorted.

Before ordering, I had a sit down with The Wife, and we discussed gaming priorities and needs.

  • Tiny little ships are too fiddly and too expensive.
  • Old West figures, gangsters, pirates, dinosaurs and retro spacemen are fun, but would require some investment of time and money before there were playable

The best thing to do would be to concentrate on finishing the stalled Pulp in Egypt project.

Accordingly, I did a mental audit of what we've got and haven't got (I know I should do a proper audit and get pieces onto a table, but "too busy or too tired").  I've primed some terrain pieces and vehicles (yes - there will be a Paint-table Saturday post this week!).

The order from WF was two packs from their Egyptian Adventures range.

Arab diggers

The Resurrection Party

Good stuff!

Playing at a Distance

Clint's PBB game of Blood, Bilges and Iron Balls goes on great guns (ha-ha!).  The events of Turn 5 will be announced tomorrow and there's the possibly that we'll see gun-smoke.  My take on events will be here.

Tomorrow is also the deadline for the first round of orders the Padre's game of Diplomacy.  Now, despite my moniker I know nothing of Diplomacy and I'm up a tree - I haven't even finished reading the rules yet!  Given the nature of the game, I won't be giving a turn-by-turn report (I'm not even going to let on as to which nation I'm playing).

And on-line, Pirates Glory is proving interesting.  I had a bit of a run-in with a guild of zombie pirates who are a little too happy to place voodoo curses on anyone who upsets them.  On a happier note, I've liaisons with three Governors' Daughters - and I feel a proposal coming on!

Selling Stuff

Just a heads-up that I've got a couple of HeroQuest expansions (Kellar's Keep and Return of the Witch Lord) that I'm selling.  I just need to check everything's in good condition and complete, and then take some photos.  I put them up for sale here first and a day later on the LAF.

And, of course, there's always Diplomatist Books...

Apart from adding new stock, my main task this week will be to make the Military & Naval History list more manageable by separating and re-arranging the WWII material.

I'm expecting a shipment from a supplier of remaindered books, but no sign of it yet.  Sign-up to the FaceBook page for announcements and updates - and the occasional special offer!


  1. I have always had good service from WF and those figures you picked up are quite nice. Very pulpy!

  2. How much would you be looking for for Kellers keep?

    1. Once I get home from work (in about 7hrs), I'll check it for completeness and get back to you.

    2. Conrad, I can't see contact details through your blog or Blogger profile. Could you please drop me an e-mail at diplomatist2gmailcom and I'll respond.

    3. There's an @ after the 2 and a DOT after 'mail'

  3. Looks like the Mummy returns! Great figures! Thanks for sharing!



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