Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Follower Welcomes

Welcome to two new followers who have joined in the last few days

  • Ken Reilly of the Yarkshire Gamer which is a very nice looking blog covering all sorts of wargaming areas (including tiny ships).
  • MarkG of the interestingly named Repple Depple Club House who seems to wargame WWII onwards.
Hello guys!

And as is traditional, here's a couple of random images I couldn't squeeze in elsewhere.

A 1938 Kamm Stromlinie

Calculator designed by J H von Müller (1746-1830)

The pictures above are from the great Dark Roasted Blend website (which I mine often), the one below comes from the website of the artist, who I saw being interviewed on the TV.


  1. That is a fascinating calculator.

    1. Yes.

      There are close-up pictures and a link to the museum that has it on the Dark Roast Blend page I took it from (which I can't find at the moment).


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