Friday, 1 August 2014

A Few Short News Items...

BfC Auction

I think everyone whose been involved with the admin of BfC has, at best, found it a draining experience.  Well, I think it's been worthwhile.  You will remember that the auction of figures was originally to be held in June, but had to be re-booted after only one bid was made.  There was much more support for the re-boot, and I'm am pleased to say that when the book was closed last night the successful bids totaled £530.00.  This is in addition to the other monies raised during the year.  A very pleasing result, and a tribute to the generosity of the wargaming community.

Now to collect the money and deliver the figures...

Disaster at the Great Hall

Solidarity is being expressed over the blogosphere to Andrew 'Loki' Saunders, who has had a workshop disaster (though fortunately not one which involved harm to anyone).

Readers of his blog will know that he recently refitted his man cave (in the process doing a great service to the hobby by sharing his paint charts and drawing up Vallejo triad charts).  It seems the new storage system wasn't up to the task of holding a lifetime's work and collapsed.  It remains to be seen how much damage has been done, but those who know the level of Loki's work will appreciate how heart-breaking it must be to lose it.

Hopefully, once the dust has settled, it will turn out that more can be salvage than the initial assessment suggests.

Loki is one of the Good Guys.

A Small Plug

As some of you know I try to supplement my pittance by selling second-hand and remaindered books (it's one of those cases of trying to make money out of one's hobby - in my case buying interesting books).  I don't normally plug Diplomatist Books here, but Facebook seems to be doing its usual algorithm thing and not sharing updates I post to our FB page.

The latest is the announcement that from today to 4 August, all WWI titles will be 30% off the marked price.

This is my own little contribution to the commemoration of the start of the war.  I'm strongly of the opinion that to commemorate this war we need to know the facts about it (and that people should read more books!)

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  1. Thanks for the update on Loki, Bad it was his stuff but pleased to hear it's not a person. I very nearly had a shelf collapse under the weight of all my lead once and it made me realise how heavy this stuff is.


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