Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dear Secret Santa...

Cath over at Secret Santa HQ has suggested that we write a wish list to help our Buyer choose our gift.  This seems a good idea, so here we go.


Firmly in the 28mm camp.  Either figures or terrain.


  • Pulp - I've been plugging away at an Egyptian Pulp theme, so anything in that line would do, but honestly, I'll be pleased with anything vaguely pulpy.
  • Old West
  • Gangsters
  • Pirates
  • Sci-Fi.  Dr Who; Pulp (again!), meaning Flash Gordon-y; VSF/Lost World.

I'd be interested in Vice Alley or the new Osprey on VSF Soldiers.

I hope this helps and thank you!


  1. Reads like a good list to me, plenty of scope for your Santa.

  2. An interesting list giving lots of ideas for a present... ;-)


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