Wednesday, 29 October 2014

More PBB (and Knockers)

First, news of blog migration - fellow followers of Gingerbhoy's Painting Project may like to know that the blog is now defunct and has been replaced by RW's Hobby Blog.  Go across and sign up!  Hopefully he'll be able to bring some of his old posts across when time allows.

Gingerbhoy (now revealed as 'Roy') is lucky for volunteers to sign up for a PBB Old West Game he's proposing to run in the new year. The rules look very straightforward and the board very nice.  Hurry if you're interested - there are only a few places left.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm thoroughly enjoying the PBB games I'm in at the moment, so I've signed up for this one (as well a the ironclad game I mentioned the other week).

PBB games seem a good idea to me - and they're the only action I'm going to see in the near future anyway (narf, narf).  As I was walking the dog this afternoon I was thinking about what I would need to host one myself - perhaps a variation of Pulp Alley or Strange Aeons might be fun, though a naval game does appeal (prob counters only though - no eye-candy).  I shall ruminate on this one...


  1. so thats you and me both... polish your bullets cowboy..

    maybe i shall run a gangster one!

  2. I am looking forward to Roy's game.

  3. Hello Edwin, thank you for the advertisement and kind words.

    Unfortunately the need for a new blog was brought about thanks to Google+ only allowing G+ account holders to leave comments on my blog. I wasn't aware of this fact before the latter end of last week, and trying to fix the issue brought about no success. Actually it made things worse and I couldn't reply to messages left on my own blog.

    An effort, on my part, was made to announce my troubles to members of my old blog, but it was obviously ineffective and then I have failed to contact the majority of people who followed my old blog with my updated information. For this I can only apologies to you, and to other's as and when required.

    The new account and username was made necessary after some (other) unpleasantness I experienced on Google+. Gingerbhoy being the name that I go by on several figure painting forums, but I've had to lose the name in case the unpleasantness follows me.

    Again, thank you, and sorry.



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