Monday, 13 October 2014

Nurse Cavell Again

For those of you who don't know, Norwich is on the East side of England, and as such gets relatively little rain.  When we do get some though it can be a little dramatic.

As such. The Wife the dogges and I spent most of the weekend indoors...

In other local news...

It's just been announced that a grant of £50,000 has been given to restore the grave of Nurse Edith Cavell (I'm not sure what they're going to spend the money on myself, it looks in good nick to me).

More interestingly, a separate grant of £91,000 has been made to explore the myth of Cavell and how her story is/was used for propaganda purposes.  I wonder if they will explore the mis-use of the Red Cross' neutrality to assist combatants?

Which all reminds me, I must blog about Capt Fryatt...


  1. I walked past her memorial in London on Friday...

  2. Stunning lightening shots Edwin.

  3. Strange thing monuments. They can be ignored for generations until someone tries to move one. Installations are normally around the 20 - 30 grand mark (depending on size of the monument and its intended location), so 50 grand seems to a bit generous if, as you say Edie's not looking too bad.
    The Central Manchester Cenotaph was moved recently (stuck round the corner of the town hall in a dead spot because it occupied prime space they wanted for the exttension of the tram stops) and last week it was vandalised by skateboarders who wanted to claim it as their own play area. Four grand should see things right - until the next time.

  4. Apparently, they're going to tidy up the grave, put paths in (it's about three foot away from a roadway), have 'interpretation' and plant a garden of 'Edith Cavell' Roses.

    Two things occur to me 1) the Dean and Chapter aren't daft, and 2) the WWI Commemoration Fund has been given a lot of money to spend in a short time. At least the HLF is spending it's money on a proper project.

    I hadn't heard about St Peter's Square. That's scandalous! The Norwich War Memorial has been moved three times since 1920-odd. The last time (about 5 years ago) to three years because they ran out of money during the project...

  5. Nice Lightning. Hopefully the approaching Wet Season here has plenty. I always look forward to the free light show.

  6. I'd like to know about her myth and its propaganda use.


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