Monday, 1 December 2014

News from Diplomatist Books #5


The booklists on our website are no longer being updated.  All stock is now accessible through our AbeBooks Store Front  (new stock added most days).

Books of the Week

This week some detailed looks at WWII battles...

Peter Young (ed), Decisive Battles of the Second World War, Arthur Baker Ltd (1967), hb/ d/w, 439pp, illus and maps.  Ownership inscription and d/w slightly discoloured, but Very Good..  £5.00.

C E Lucas Phillips, Alamein, Heinemann (1962), hb, d/w, 434pp, plates,  Very Good.  £5.00.

Norman L Franks, The Greatest Air Battle: Dieppe, 19th August, 1942, William Kimber (1979), hb, d/w, 256pp, illus.  Very Good,  £4.50.

Lucas, James & Barker, James, The Killing Ground: The Battle of the Falaise Gap, August 1944, BCA (1978), hb, d/w, 176pp, plates.  Very Good.  £4.00.

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Christmas Postage Dates

Here are Royal Mail's posting dates for Christmas
  • Australia/NZ/China - 1 Dec
  • Other International - 8 Dec
  • Europe - 11 Dec
  • UK - 16 Dec


  1. Great looking selections Mr. King.

  2. Interesting mix of literature, great last picture by the way but I never encountered that much snow here in Belgium!

  3. No such snowlike that here in Darwin, Oz but just never know.


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