Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Kickstarter Watch: Mudharbour

Recently I've been able to play in Dave Aldridge's on-line RPG sessions which he runs using the Black Hack.  Dave has created Melcher's Vale, a very enjoyable low- to mid-fantasy setting, which will suit many game systems.

The largest settlement (we've found so far) in the Vale is Mudharbour and this is the focus of Dave's Kickstarter.  He has decided to take part in Zine Quest, a co-ordinated effort by creators to publish RPG Zines funded by Kickstarters.
A hand-stitched 32 page [now 36, stretchgoals having been met] zine detailing a Kung Fu fantasy setting influenced by Shaw Brothers movies and martial arts videogames. Mudharbour is a cosmopolitan island city dominated by mystic temples and featuring warring gangsters, scheming bureaucrats, elemental automata and marauding pirates. 
I'm quite fond of Mudharbour as my character was introduced there and, as one of the first players there, I've contributed to its development.  The character, a thief was originally concieved as Billy the Dip; he quickly and seemlessly morphed into Bil Lee, a junior member of the Green Dragon Tong (as led by 'Uncle' Wang).  He's since met giant crabs, hungry ghosts, psychic jellyfish and exceptionally well-shod assassins.  Great fun!

The Kickstarter is now (on it's 4th of 14 days), 350% funded.  You can see details here.

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