Saturday, 2 January 2021

Forget-Me-Not Actual Play

Long-term readers will remember that between January and May 2020 I took part in a Call of Cthuhlu scenario - 'Forget-Me-Not' - over several sessions, in which we played a tv production crew from 'The Supernatural Files', c.2000, who woke up after a car-crash with amnesia, and tried to piece together what had happened.

This was played on-line.  That in itself is interesting.  I'd thought that I didn't start playing on-line (which has played a big part for me this year) until Lockdown started, but I see that I was playing in both Andy Goodman's CoC games and Dave Aldridge's Black Hack as far back as January.

Anyway, the point of this post is to say that the edited recordings of these sessions have been gathered together and published on Grizzly Peaks Radio (six episodes, published on 1 Jan 2021 if you have to scroll through what's there).  Andy had an episode of his (other) podcast discussing running this scenario here.

You will hardly hear me - it was my first experience of both on-line gaming and Call of Cthuhlu, so my contribution is very subdued.  What a difference nine months makes!  I'm now GM-ing our sessions.

Things didn't end well for my character.

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