Monday, 6 February 2023

Kickstarter Watch: Carapace and In the Heart of Oz

It's Zinequest time, so Kickstarter is going to be full of interesting small RPG projects for a while.  

This post is just to point to one of them.  M Blake (otherwise known as Goblin's Henchman) is doing two zines, both based on his Hex Flower Game Engine.

The first is to Carapace, which "offers the horrors of procedurally exploring a labyrinthine giant ant colony in search of the giant ant Queen".  This I can personally recommend, as I've played a couple of games in which the DM has slotted an earlier version of it into a bigger campaign.  The second is "a gonzo sandbox setting, based in the Land of the Wizard of Oz".

Hex Flowers aren't everyone's cup of tea - they're abstract and procedural, so need a little work.  I didn't take to Carapace the first time we tried it, but it grew on me (so much that I had it prepped just in case the group I was running Errinsford for heading into the deep forrest).  I can certainly recommend Henchman's products (he also wrote the Grimbo Chrimbo that I've run a couple of times and which on both occasions were a great hit with players).

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