Tuesday 31 January 2023

Gaming in Jan 2023

  • 12 Jan - The Evils of Illmire (OSE) - face-to-face
  • 26 Jan - The Evils of Illmire (OSE) - face-to-face

The Evils of Illmire

New year, new campaign.  My regular group has embarked on The Evils of Illmire - and there's a lot in it!

  • 12 Jan - Session 1

A couple of random tables for what happened on a caravan journey worked well (I will certainly steal them in future for other campaigns), and we ended up with a nice little montage. Rumours were picked up; inevitably, some larceny took place; one member met a mysterious, shrouded fellow-traveller who taught her to speak Medusa; and (might this lead to something else?) another was invited to join a cult.

They then had a jolly time at the circus. Ignatius won a pie-eating contest (and - completely unrelatedly - got food poisoning) and the others got various stuffed toys from rigged booths. They went to see the fortune-teller and the big-top show, where they attempted to sabotage the big-cat show.

Then to the village. They went to the inn where they got a medium-sized info-dump from the barmaid and did some nocturnal snooping in the kitchens (they’ve decided not to eat there anymore!). The next morning, they met the new priest at the temple (who didn’t make a good impression) and attempted to interview the mayor (who’s too ill to see them). All in all, a very good session.
  • 26 Jan - Session 2
On the second day in town, the party continued to meet new people including a nice couple who'd been told that Illmire was a good place to open a boulangerie, a youngster with a sick Da and various tradesmen.  They explored the missing druid's cottage and had an evening in the tavern, where they meet the elusive landlady ("Who's not feeling herself") and chatted to the Old Boys in their corner.  There was more nocternal exploration (this time onto the roof).

Next morning they attended a revival meeting before heading out towards the logging camp.

Unfortunately for them, on the way they were identified as a likely snack by some giant falcons.  Judicious use of a Ring of Animal Control meant that they got away, but not unscathed - Darius our thief was killed.

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