Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Analogue Update

The Villains Round of the painting challenge was a good one, with a nice variety of figures and everyone seeming to be keen to up their game.

My own entries were a trio of Mad Maharajas.

They're actually Studio Miniature's Sikh Officers from their new Sikh Wars range.  Regular readers will remember that I picked them up in their Kickstarter.  For my purposes they'll be the deliberately anachronistic leaders of a movement intent on throwing the British out of India and restoring the Princely States.  As such, they could be leading troops into battle or plotting the repatriation of certain symbols of authority now incorporated into the Crown Jewels.  Anyone know anyone who produces Yeoman Warders?

They were very enjoyable to paint.  I wanted to throw a lot of red and gold at them to represent meglomaniacs' bling, but also to choose something from the palette to represent the gorgeous silks available to Punjabi royalty.

Meanwhile, the boy's 54mms are progressing well.  I'll be submitting the Brits and starting on the Zulus in the next few days.


  1. Very cool choice of villains. The scarlet with gold trim is very effective.

  2. Sensational stuff Edwin, I so very nearly jumped at these when I saw the Kickstarter and may still have to grab a few myself.

  3. I love you choice of colors! Great paint job!
    Greetings, Sofie

  4. Great work, a festival of colors!


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