Monday, 27 January 2014

Painting Challenge - Latest Submission

As regular readers will know, I've been working on some more 54mm toy soldiers for The Wife's nephew.  Well after his birthday, I've got them finished and ready to send off.

They are Armies in Plastic Set 5573 'Zulu War 1879, 24th Foot' (though to be honest the only difference between the various regiments they sell is the box art and the colour of the plastic they are molded in - these are a lurid red).   

Tbey didn't quite glow in the dark

It's a nice set - 18 figures in six different poses. The UK distributor is Steve Weston - don't be put off by the poorly-designed website, he provides excellent service.

The leave me within a spit of my 500 point target.  I'm now wondering whether the raise it to 1,000 or 750.


  1. Cool! They remind me of the old Airfix soldiers my dad used to paint for me

  2. A lovely trip down memory lane, these look just like the Britains that I had as a kid, fighting across the front room carpet, even had a matchstick firing cannon. Great work Edwin

  3. Lovely work on these Edwin :)

  4. Thanks for the kind comments guys.

    I do have a Gatling gun and crew in the same range to do, but I think I'll let it lie for the time being...

    Hero submission going well - I'm thinking of little extras to go with it.

  5. Lovely old school work there, Edwin. Isn't it clever of the manufacturers to colour code their figures for us - who would have thought that they were British if not cast in dayglo red? :)

  6. I just adore these Edwin, beautifully done Sir.

  7. I do enjoy seeing the 54s painted in your Old School style.

    Nice job!

  8. These are really nice! Great work!

  9. I like this kind of Colonial figures! Pity there are only six poses. You painted them excellent!



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