Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Deadlines, deadlines!

Today was The Wife's nephew's birthday.  I didn't get the Zulu War troops finished in time to send them off to him.  I've arranged a business trip to Cambridge on Friday and hopefully will be able to drop them off with him.  

Despite the fact that the submission for the Painting Challenge's next bonus round was 90% done when I submitted for the last one, I still haven't finished it (though, again it will be done).  

To be honest, it's been a bad week all round.  I've been quite low, which makes me tired and not feel like doing anything at all.  Today has been much better.

I've also heard that a deadline for a journal article I'd written has been shifted from mid-Jan to mid-Feb.  That's fine by me.  I'd done the text before Christmas, but I've been let down over the illustrations, so have to do a little more work sourcing those.

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