Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wonderful Things!

This morning I received a parcel... it was a dog-proof box...

...and in that, in bubble-wrap and plastic bags were shiny things.

This is the fruit of the Oathsworn Kickstarter that I signed up for last September.  The figures were very attractive as greens, and they come out just as well in the (metal) flesh.

This has been a model Kickstarter.  There were many relevant updates, both during and after the fundraising (covering stuff like the design process, casting, choice of boxes and a how-to on the bases) and everything was on time and delivered as promised (in fact, they are ahead of there promise of a February delivery!).

I'd certainly deal with them again.


  1. What's better than getting a package containing figures in the mail? Getting figures from a Kickstarter project!

    1. Oh I wish that were always true! But I'm more than happy with this one.

  2. Lovely purchase you made there Edwin! Looking forward to see them painted!


  3. Really nice! Sad I didn't know about that one when it was still funding. From your pictures their minis look like they are really solid quality.


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