Saturday, 26 April 2014

Paint Table Saturday

Saturday's here again, so here's today's snap of the worktable.  As always Sofie, who's idea this, has links was to other paint-tables.

This week started with me working on buildings - the ubiquitous 'Middle Eastern type'.  I put these carcasses together last autumn, but they got put aside when I started to think about the Analogue Painting Challenge.

The scale's less than perfect.  We'll call it "forced perspective", shall we?

Construction was simplicity itself, using some thin craft foam from The Works.  It was a little too thin and warped in the process and storage: I think I might need some internal buttressing for future attempts.  It did stiffen up in the next stage though.  That was the application of  a texturing agent in the form of a Polyfiller/PVA/Water mix.  I wasn't sure how much to apply, so used one carcass as a test-piece - with different amounts on different sides.

I didn't know what to apply to the roof.

I got as far as giving the first coat of paint.

I may have overdone the filler, and may sand it down before dry-brushing.  But at this stage, I got distracted when I bought a rocketship.


  1. An impressive hamlet you've created there, I love the first shot where we can see the Martian spacecraft that has landed amidst them.

  2. Good work on the Middle Eastern buildings Edwin

  3. Great work on the buildings Edwin

  4. Anyone could be forgiven for rocketship distraction, especially such a splendid one. A very promising start on those buildings, however.

  5. Buildings are looking good!

  6. Building are never the same height, width, etc and you are doing a grand job on them too


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