Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Word About the Give-Away

Onward to 100K!
First, thank you to everyone who has left a word of congratulations and signed up so far.  Secondly, welcome to those of you who have stumbled across the blog for the first time because of the competition.

Now, I know that the people who've signed up already won't take this the wrong way, but I don't want the rest of you to be put off 'because it's always the same people'.  Do feel free to enter, even if you've never commented or visited before.  The point of having this give-away is to share the joy and encourage participation.

Many of my fellow bloggers say that the real stats they pay attention to are the comments that posts generate - and it's true.  Once you sign up to a blog and start commenting, it becomes a habit and it engenders a community feeling.  This is why the best bloggers make a point of answering each comment (I'm not very good at this!).

So do join the couple in the picture and sign up for the ride!

It seems daft to do a new follower welcome for Jonathan Freitag as he's been a 'friend of the blog' for quite a while.  Nevertheless, he's just signed up as a public follower, so he deserves a shout-out.  Hello!

Now in my usual slightly anal way, I'm keeping tabs on what prizes people are interested in.  So far the front-runner is the book on Sci-Fi art, which gives me the answer to the difficult question of what kind of picture to include in this ramble.


  1. I think you have the pictures just right

    1. Yes, I like them!

      I stole them from (not about coffee!)

  2. Those retro sci-fi artworks are very groovy. I like them.


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