Thursday, 10 April 2014

Wednesday(ish) Welcome and Stats

A late new follower welcome to Captain Richards Miniature Civil War from the blog of the same name. At the moment the blog is showing a pretty impressive scratch-built medieval city.

I'd like to thank everyone who has promoted the blog in the last week and commented on the 50K milestone.  Doing the giveaway has been fun (and one interesting fact is that prizes from Poundland hit the button!).

I know some people think that competitions like this are cynical attempts to garner new followers and boost stats.  Well, if that is the case, it's worked!  In the 50K post I remarked that March was the first month in which I'd had over 4,000 hits.  As I write, the blog's had 4,162 hits so far this month (ie, in the last ten days)!  Pretty surprising.

Aren't stats fun?


  1. That is an amazing blog there but I love stats and there is no surprise

  2. I've not participated at this blog-give-away because ....
    The problem with statistics is that are wrong in fact (Blooger-Stats) because of many bots, spies etc... which increase the number of pageviews.
    A tool that could be nice to use is unusable!
    The better is the comments and the followers (especially the faithful ones , those who are like friends !)
    ... and the Hobby and the fun !!
    Nevertheless , congrats for all and be sure that I will come back again and again to look at your works and comment the more I can!
    Count me in the Fellowship !

    1. Merci 'Sam', je vous remercie de votre commentaire.

      I'm sorry you felt you couldn't participate - it was all a bit of fun, and the stats are just a convenient excuse.

      I touched on the problems with blogger stats the other day (and compared them with the Flag Counter). But if you don't mind too much that they aren't 'real' they are nice to play with (I think the picture I chose for this post indicates how seriously I'm taking the stats!).

      I agree with you about the comments - one of the milestones I was remarking on was reaching the 1000th comment ;-D. In the week since then it's gone up to 1130. That's why I say the give-away was fun - it's prompted interaction.

      Fellowship is a good word. I like it!


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