Tuesday, 2 September 2014

International Big Box Day


With a comp running, there will be a spate of new followers to welcome.  First off the blocks are

Welcome to you both!  I hope you enjoy the ride.

Big Boxes

Today is International Big Box Day - no, wait!  That's just at our house isn't it?

First is this, a charity shop purchase:-

Anyone remember me saying that I wasn't going to be distracted from Pulp in Egypt?  

But after the success of the last charity shop rocket, I couldn't pass up this much larger one (especially at £1.25!)

And the other bits and pieces look useful too.

"Guard it" he said.  "How long for?" I said.  "Until I come back!" he said.
That was last week...

And then there was this...

Can you tell what it is yet?

More has been revealed on the Diplomatist Books' Facebook page.


  1. That rocket looks like fun toy! SDoes it work? :-D
    I've seen what's in that other box on your FB page, so I will not tell it here!


    1. You know, it never occurred to me to try! It's going to be painted and I don't want it dinged first!

  2. Distracted already thats a no no.


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