Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Meanwhile, In Central Europe...

I know I've been a little quite on the blogging front, but here are some pictures to show I'm still about.

I'm not sure which I prefer...


  1. Edwin, "a little quiet on the blogging front?" Good god, man! You have posted 17 entries in September!

    As for the Dippy map, I think I prefer the graphic using the actual game board.

  2. Don't wory about blogging frequency - keep'em keen! Doesn't weem to work with women though . . . .

    I prefer the more traditional style map. The other looks like a wiring diagram.

  3. When the juggernaut rolls poor old AH is always the first to feel the heat.

  4. Replies
    1. It's better than the 'topographically-correct regularized rectangular map'!

  5. I am not keen on number 2. I much preferred the original map when I played. And it does look Austria is about to be cut to pieces. Couldn't find an ally I guess.


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