Saturday, 13 September 2014

(Not) Paint Table Sunday

I had, of course, hoped to share some photos today of work done on the paint table.  Sadly, there hasn't been any...

But fortunately (The Wife doesn't quite see this point of view), we had a Smoke and Flame Incident in the kitchen.

Now, as we know, the makers of modern appliances aren't too keen on you getting into their machines in order to canabalise (of heaven forefend, repair!) them.  

So a delicate surgical procedure was necessary...

Overseen by Prof Morrison and Herr Doktor

"You know, Professor, we should employ some Minions..."

I had hoped that there would be lots of cogs for me to use in my Secret Project, but instead I got more of a crashed spaceship vibe...

So Junior packed up the pieces for reverse-engineering.
In other news, I was fortunate enough to be given some boxes.

"A box for your crates, Sir?"


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