Saturday, 27 September 2014

Paint Table Saturday and WIP Week

I'm doing something a little different with Paint Table Saturday this week.  As well as sticking to the concept by having a snapshot, I'm doing a 'My Week in WIP' - I feel I need to encourage myself to make progress on my alleged blitz on Egypt terrain. 

With everything, there's the Zulus in the background, which I've tried to do a little each day. I'm also working on a Secret Project that needs to be finished in early November and I've acquired figures for the Santa Clause (I'm a little concerned about this as it's out of my comfort zone - but I suppose that's one of the points of doing it).


I've already posted my ruined statue,   I also worked on a couple more expedition vehicles.


A red letter day - The Wife let me use the round-ended scissors and sticky glue!  The result, some colonnades...

I've got several of these buildings in various stages of completion and as they're really very quick to make (to my standard!), there's no reason I shouldn't be able to finish them off this week.

But there my efforts for the week petered out...


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