Saturday 27 December 2014


Well, it was a time coming, but here is my first 'proper' submission to the Painting Challenge (I did submit my Stalin lookee-likee to the Cold round).

These, I sure most will recognise as Daleks.  They are 28mm figs from Black Tree Designs Dr Who range.

I had read that the casting of the Daleks didn't live up to BTD's usual standards, and sadly this was true.  Those who know more about the technical aspects will be able to tell me whether this is down to the design or using the molds beyond their useful lifespan.

It's a shame really.  If there was a ready supply of better-cast reasonably-priced Daleks, I'd be happy painting hundreds of the buggers in their different permutations.

The Special Weapons Dalek is a particularly bad sculpt (I'm going to blame the sculpt rather than casting here).  However, in The Canon SWDs are supposed to be particularly bonkers Daleks and consequently grimy and run-down (because, y'know, normal Daleks care about their appearance and keep trim!).  This, I think, allows me to get away with some wonkiness.

I've spoken elsewhere about my colour choices (basically those of my childhood introduction to the beasties).  To compensate for settling on the most boring Dalek livery of all time, I've given them a Supreme Dalek, resplendent in gold and black, as leader.  And I could leave Davros out, could I?

For the destroyed Daleks I've again gone for the classic look (the squidgy bits of modern Daleks appear to be pink rather than green).  Having said that, I haven't replicated the dyed Fairy Liquid that I associate with wounded Daleks...


  1. Edwin, does the entire Dr Who range from BTD exhibit these production problems or only the Daleks? From my experience, BTD figures are quite nice.

    1. I don't know the history of the range - how old it is, who the sculptor was or anything like that. This is actually a licensed range (unlike the many NOT-figures you see), which I imagine has some repercussions. My suspicion is that the Dalek molds are too old, but they're restricted from making new ones.

      If anyone knows the truth, it would be interesting to read. I understand BTD have new management.

      Looking at the pics of the characters (ie, those which are supposed to resemble actual actors), I wouldn't chose to buy them. I did have a punt on an ice warrior, which is a nice clean figure, and I intend to get some more.

    2. The only ones with this problem are the Daleks. The BTD Doctor Who range was originally made by Harlequin some time ago (it stops with Sylvester McCoy).

      The BTD Doctors and companions vary in quality of sculpting. You can find some "similar" miniatures for the newer series and some older ones from Heresy and Crooked Dice that are made to modern standards.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you.

      If I'd made a better colour choice than grey/black they'd be better - I think the Supreme Dalek shows that.

      Next time...

  3. Looks like you've made a cracking silk purse out of a pig's ear - great stuff!
    Have a happy new year - YOU WILL OBEY!

  4. Great stuff Edwin! Love Daleks!

  5. It's a pity that the casting is so bad !
    Davros is perfect !
    Nice work

  6. You are a brave man Edwin! I don't know what the collective noun is for daleks, but I painted a lot of the citadel plastic daleks back in the 80's, and they nearly drove me to distraction....all those repetitive little bumps....

  7. They're very nice, Edwin. I like the darker palette. I admire you for painting the gold knobs on the casings of some of them - very fine work.
    They would be a good match for the commandos I painted last month, though they would all die if the Doctor isn't there to help.
    Wishing you and yours a very happy new year.


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