Friday, 19 December 2014

Paintwatch #4

It's been a poor week for painting (and for much else really!).  Other than my the one for the Cold Bonus Round I haven't posted a submission to the painting challenge yet.  The new posting regime gives me a definite target though, so I will aim to have something done for next Tuesday, 'my day'.

Thank you for the kind comments about Stalin by the way!  I'm actually quite surprised that no-one else did a 'Cold War' entry - perhaps I was being a little more radical than I thought.

I must admit to feeling a little trepidation about the next bonus round - 'Rider(s) and Mount(s)' - and only slightly because I've never painted a horse before!  Truth be told, the only figure I have that's suitable is a little ambitious, and I'm not sure I can do it full justice in a week.  I may skip that round.

I've this evening decided what to enter for the 'Victorian' bonus round (where there's an embarrassment of choice!).  No spoilers, but one clue - "A big bushy red beard!" (not Dalton or Darwin).

I made an interesting observation this afternoon while waiting around in Radiography.  No less than three prisoner-and-escort teams were there.  It seems that when a prisoner is being x-rayed, the guard has special handcuffs with a four foot long chain.  Obvious really, but I'd never thought about it.


  1. The thing about the festive season, which on balance I thoroughly enjoy, is that there is so much to do. Like you I'm struggling to get things moved on other than the bonus rounds, but do have the riders done - expect more Witchfinder nonsense.

  2. Like yourself I'm struggling for choice for a mount and rider (I've only got some 15mm cowboys that are eligible) and furthermore, I've also never painted a horse before. Oh dear :)

  3. I am at a loss for Victorian. But still some time to think about it. cheers


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