Saturday, 6 December 2014

Paint Table Saturday

Day 2 of the AHPCV and so, as per the rules, not too much detail as to what's on the table.  Suffice it to say that work has started and there's something 'Cold' nearly finished!


  1. Hmm, a naval officer, Daleks and an eight-legged horse. That would be Sleipnir which means we can look forward to Odin as one of your bonus round entries :)

    And are those some 54 mm British colonials with a Gatling gun that I see off to the side? Does this mean we can look forward to some more toy-soldier style entries?

  2. Very, very close! Not a naval officer (think 'Cold'), but all the others are correct.

  3. Ah.. Gattlings...and a. captain Scott perhaps...


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