Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It Was All Over for Christmas!


In a surprise move, The Mad Padre has called an end to his Play-by-Blog Diplomacy game.  The closing situation was as follows

Prior to adjustment - France was about to loose two units, England and Turkey to build

We'd been playing blind.  Michael has just announced the players' names

  • England (Score 12 and the Winner) -  Mark Haughey (owner of the Sun of York blog). 
  • Turkey (Score 11 and Runner Up) - Tim Gow (owner of the Megablitz blog) 
  • Italy (Score 7 and Third Place) - Me!
  • France (Score 4) - Thomas Nissvik (owner of the Learning by Doing blog)
  • Germany - Pat G (owner of the Irregular Warband Fast blog) 
  • Russia - Robert Audin (owner of the Fiends in Waistcoats blog) 
  • Austria - AN Other.
It was my first game of Diplomacy and I must say that I enjoyed it a great deal.  That was no doubt down to the spirit of the players and above all to Michael's umpiring skills.  Thank you all!

I'm mentally exhausted!


  1. I hope we all get an accounting of the behind-the-scenes manipulations of the Italian government during the game. I am very curious what drove some of the decisions made.

    Too bad it had to end prematurely.

  2. A well deserved 3rd place and congrats on your prize as best role player. :)

    I played Diplomacy a couple of times as a teenager, but barely remember how it works. It's certainly been fun reading the good Padre's blog over the past few months, especially the various reports.

  3. Well deserved Edwin I pegged you early on as the power behind the Italian throne.

  4. Congrat's on the 3rd place Edwin!

  5. Thank you all.

    Jonathan - I've sent a 'View from Rome' post to the Padre in case he wants to do some post-morteming (he's implied so). That should address my more dubious decisions, but if you want anything specific answering, fire away!


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