Thursday, 4 December 2014

Welcome and D-1 for the Painting Challenge


A warm new follower welcome to Irishhighlander.  He has several blogs (one at least requires sunglasses!) - go and suss them out.

Analogue Painting Challenge

As anyone with the slightest interest in such things will already know, the 5th Analogue Painting Challenge starts tomorrow.  As I type Curt's countdown reads 10 hours, 34mins and 45secs.

It's hit me at a time of diminished mojo.  I've barely put paint to brush in the last few months, and was hoping the challenge would boost me - I still hope it does.

Some of the more serious and organised of you will be shocked (Shocked!) to hear that I've done no prep work, other than bringing parts of the lead pile from the Shed and giving a little thought to the bonus rounds.  But I've got pieces based and undercoated from last year and know what I'll do for the 'Cold' round, so I've somewhere to start.

I had intended to force myself to do an hour's prep this evening, but I'm not sure if I'll get there.

1,000 points looks very ambitious at the moment!

Never mind.  Good luck to everyone taking part.  As The Padre never forgets to say "A blessing on your brushes!".


  1. I'm with you Edwin. No spreadsheets. No timetable, just some vague ideas rattling about in my noggin. I admire the accountants and the engineers, like Milesy and Stefan, with their Teutonic efficiency. I just have that British desire to get stuck in and muddle through. At least I have a few figures primed and a gun and limber put together.
    Blessings on our brushes indeed!

  2. Well, I got my hour in, prepping Daleks,

    I need to buy some glue.

  3. I have a pile of preped minis nut if I am to reach my goal I will definitely have to get more ready during the challenge.

  4. thanks for the shout out! I guess I do wear sunglasses a lot! Ha Ha

  5. Good luck Edwin - May the challenge be the inspiration that you're seeking.


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