Saturday, 6 December 2014

Paintwatch #1

Day 1

Worked on my entry for the 'Cold' bonus round (a single 28mm figure) and got it done bar varishing and flocking.  As a bit of light relief I drafted the entry's post - I'm better at fluff than painting, and people seemed to enjoy that last year.

Having gone out and bought some glue, I assembled some of the multi-part pieces.  (Glue and miliput everywhere!).

Day 2

Paint Table Saturday.

Did a trial run of the colour scheme for the Daleks.  I'd read that these are a pain to get right, and there are some problems due to casting problems.  However, I know my limitations - I'm not doing hundreds of them (there never were more than seven anyway) and my painting can at most generous be described as 'table-top'.

If I do any more this evening it'll only be to finish off yesterday's piece - I'm tired.  We had the paramedics out at 2.30am: everything's alright, but the dogs went ballistic, and then decided to go Crazy Whippet for a couple of hours.

A lot of good work published on the Challenge Blog already...


  1. Hmm? Wonder what your "Cold" figure could be???

  2. Congratulations on getting one finished so quickly!

    1. Yes, but nothing like your detail, Anne. Rough and ready!

  3. I can't even decide what my Cold entry will be... so somehow I doubt I'll be making that one.

  4. Sounds to me as if you've got everything under control Edwin.


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