Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Fan Mail and a Dilemma

I've told you the story of my nephew's Christmas present.  We received the following:-

Nice, eh?

Given that the soldiers were such a success, The Wife 'suggested' that we give him some more for his birthday (15th Jan :roll:).

Accordingly, this morning I got a parcel:-

Now, this leaves me with what might be termed a First World Problem...

The Wife has asked me why my 58mm figures painted in what has been charitably called an 'old skool' fashion score twice as much in the painting challenge as the carefully and skillfully crafted 28mm figures other contestants have submitted.  I can argue that the challenge isn't a test of painting skills (though there are side prizes for skilled brushwork), but a question of setting targets and meeting them: painting is being done to 'table standard' not 'competition standard'.  But this rings hollow, and I agree that it seems unfair (especially as my target is only 500 points).

This leaves me with the following options:-

  1. Don't submit Johnny's figures to the challenge
  2. Submit them, but privately subtract them from my tally towards 500 points (rather as the Rejects are doing with their side challenge)
  3. When Curt allows, increase my target
  4. Pull myself together, suck it up and worry about something more important instead (in my mind I call this the 'Amos solution')

At the moment, I'm inclined to go with Options 2 and 3, but what do you think?  As Mrs Merton used to say "Let's have a heated debate!"


  1. You go with option 4 till you reach your target then you will be allowed to increase it :) as you have already stated it is personal targets we dont judge the quality as that would be unfair to many so paint em submit them and most of all be very proud your gifts are well received, these are the things that really matter in life. Those treasured memories stay with us for life.

  2. the challenge is their to get us painting nothing more it has already worked for you so option 4 sounds right

  3. I agree with my esteemed colleagues; option 4. Don't over think it. Paint and enjoy.

  4. The fact that you are taking the time to worry about it only confirms my opinion that you are a splendid Gentleman of high moral fibre - now stop dithering and paint them!

  5. Seconded Mr Awdry.

    As a painstaking 28mm painter, I am entirely at ease with you proceeding straight to 4, via 3 if necessary.

  6. Edwin - go with option 4.

    As for the old school style of toy soldier painting, it is just as hard to get that right as it is to do detailed painting on smaller figures. Besides, last year one of the entrants submitted a good sized army painted in that fashion.

  7. The crowd has spoken, go with COA 4. Your nephew will be a lucky chap, whatever option you choose. Good on you, uncle.

  8. I'll chime in here. Just paint them and submit them. If skill were an issue I would receive half points for every figure. Put on some mustache wax, the 1812 overture and paint the buggers.


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