Thursday, 26 December 2013

Post Christmas Catch-Up #1

Well, Santa's been and gone, so a little time to play catch-up.

I managed to get an entry in for last week-end non-combatant bonus round to the Analogue Painting Challenge.  By pure coincidence my choice of a druid and his Christian nemesis proved apt for the Solstice (though I hadn't twigged the link until that morning).  These are two from a large hoard of figures Gary Amos generously sent me to add to the a chieftain I won in the Canister & Grape give-away

Here they are:-

I wasn't too sure of the colour scheme for the druid.  The Wife didn't think green appropriate and suggested white and ivory, but I thought that too Eisteddfod.  Green seems right to me for a earth-connected faith and to act as a reminder of Spring during the Winter.  Then up popped the highly authentic Arthur Pendragon on the news complaining about the new Stonghendge visitors' centre...

I'm not sure if the stuff at the top of the figure's staff is supposed to be greenery, but I chose to make it Welsh gold (neither this or his brooch has come out well in the photos).

As for the bishop, the purple was dictated by custom.  I spent a long time dithering over his cloak before slapping on some grey and adding a fur trim.  I'm not entirely happy about it.

Interestingly for me, another member of the challenge also chose to submit the druid figure (who I learn is Merlin from Gripping Beast).  Here, for comparison, is the version done by Mark of The Wilde Goose

I have two more submission to the Challenge to catch-up with: Santa and the D-Day troops.  My point total currently stands at 187, which I think is a reasonable chunk of my 500 target.


  1. Lovely Edwin; I always enjoy looking at the same miniature painted by two different hobbyists - it is lovely to see the different interpretations.

  2. Great work Edwin, nicely done indeed

  3. Nice work Edwin. You're going to coast it!

  4. great Stuff Edwin you will be setting your self a new (bigger) target soon
    Peace James

  5. Lovely work, Mr King!

    I agree with you re the Bishop; "These aren't the monks you're looking for..."


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