Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014: Year of the Moustache

Among the many splendid presents The Wife gave me for Christmas was a book, The Gentleman's Guide to Beard and Moustache Management, which she bundled together with a pair of scissors, a moustache comb and a tin of 'Bounder' Extra Firm Moustache Wax.

The latter includes a leaflet with the following notice.

You have been warned!

It seems that The Wife is not the only one feeling the vibe.  This afternoon I read of the new £2.00 coin

And for the lighthouse fans and Marlburians out there, there are others celebrating the 500th anniversary of Trinity House and the 300th anniversary of the death of Queen Anne.


  1. Sir, I cannot imagine you as a bounder or cad. I believe that most dreadful Mr Stephen Potter (who runs the malevolent School for Scoundrels) has cast his disgraceful influence over you.

    Great gifts Edwin

    1. The thing about bounders, m'dear, is that you're not supposed to realise until *afterwards*...

    2. Aha! Rather like the character in that great song by Messrs Flanders & Swann "Have Some Madeira, M'Dear"

    3. This is possibly the most cultured blog I frequent. I was a bit of a rake in my younger days, but I've matured beautifully into an utter cad.

    4. Exactly what I (and suspect The Wife) were aiming at Tamsin! We did a lot of bonding over port and madeira...

      "She was young, she was pure, she was new, she was nice
      She was fair, she was sweet seventeen.
      He was old, he was vile, and no stranger to vice
      He was base, he was bad, he was mean."

      "She lowered her standards by raising her glass
      Her courage, her eyes—and his hopes"

      "Until the next morning, she woke in her bed
      With a smile on her lips and an ache in her head...
      And a beard in her lug 'ole that tickled and said:
      Have some madeira, m'dear!"

    5. Well, at least I know not to accept any invitation to view your collection of stamps (all of them unperforated) ;)

  2. Superb! Here's to a perfectly manicured 2014!

  3. I think we need a close up pic of the waxed tache!

  4. O.K., tonight's stupid question (but it is New Year's Eve and a full moon). When will these coins be issued and where can I pre-porder them? I'd like to get some for Young Henry.

    1. They're being introduced gradually - but presentation packs, etc can be bought at http://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/2014-commemorative-coins

  5. I give you joy of your newfound moustache grooming skills. While my wife admires a moustache on a chap, she does not see the merits of the waxed tip. For her a moustache must be a sensible, understated sort of thing, as worn by her idol, David Niven.
    At least she has seen the error of her ways, and now thinks I look dashing in a bow tie.
    I agree with Mr. Rousell, I want pictures of your moustache when practical and sufficiently groomed.


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