Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wednesday Welcome

A warm welcome to new follower Legion Games - I have a feeling that I should know of a website for you, but I don't.  If you do have one, let me know and it'll get a name-check.

Secondly, I'm enjoying the Analogue Challenge (it's early days yet!).  Looking at other peoples' blogs everyone seems to be hard a work - best luck to all!  I suspect someone will reach my target of 500pts before the end of the month!

Here's a morning picture of my desk.  I might actually get some painting done in daylight today if I manage to please the Household Gods.

I have to concentrate *not* to save these pictures as 'anal.jpg'

Remember, today is the last day of the 2nd Class Post for Christmas in the UK!  
(Don't encourage the bastards by buying 1st Class stamps!)


  1. good to see you hard at it Edwin, good luck with your target and most of all enjoy the challenge

  2. Household Gods are tricky things. You'd best ensure that all are sufficiently propitiated before embarking upon any creative enterprise.

    Bona Fortuna!

    1. Unfortunately, they weren't at all pleased. I didn't get any daylight painting done - none at all actually.

      We had an electrician in all morning replacing the sockets in the kitchen (one had melted!). In the afternoon, I was running Christmas errands: including battles with the Post Office.

      This evening I'm too tired to paint - so I'm watching a docco with Michel Roux Jr exploring patisserie. Yum.

    2. And while watching, The Wife remembered she'd bought some chestnuts. We've just roasted them on the fire...

  3. Bwahahaha! Try explaining those picture names to the wife. I'll also be interested as to who Legion Games is. The avatar is familiar and I feel like I should know who they are. Or specifically their blog.


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